God Can Use His Earthen Vessel - "You"

Text: John 2: vs. 1- 11  The first miracle of Jesus at Cana

I.A Crisis – (Vs 1 – 3)

 The beginning of this chapter tells us of Jesus and His disciples, along with His mother, were attending a wedding when a situational crisis arises wherein there is a shortfall in the wine. It was a significant problem because it was a huge embarrassment for the family of the wedding ceremony, as wine and water were the only beverages served at social gatherings during those biblical times. What does your present life chapter read today? Does it spell confusion, distress, outstanding bills, embarrassment, failure, etc…Whom have you called? What have you done about it? Have you tried Jesus….?

II. The Response in the Crises – (Vs 4-5)

 The story goes on to tell us that Jesus’ mother turned to her son for help. She knew He had the answers and the Miracle. She turned the Lord of the universe, the God who had created all things before the beginning of time and space. She involved God into the crisis. We hear Jesus telling her very categorically that His time for ministry had not yet come, or in other words we can understand that God wasn’t willing to get involved in the crises at that moment in time. But His mother, by faith and trust in a relationship with Jesus, and knowing His divine attribute of honouring one’s faith and trust in God went on to order the servants to do as Jesus would command them.

 Nothing pleases God more than faith does. Faith transcends all natural and spiritual spheres to touch the throne room of God, whereby the Lord is compelled by His word and character to honour the request made. Thus we find Jesus getting involved to make the miracle happen.

Have you thought about involving Jesus into your crisis? If Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life, then allow Him to make the way for you, He shall bring your ‘good as dead’ situation back to life and believe in the truth that Jesus never fails and God loves you.

III. The True Miracle – (Vs 6-11)

 The point I am making out here to you is that the miracle does not pertain only to the supply of the needed wine but much more.

You see, for the miracle to take place there are a whole lot of materials and substances that are used by Jesus. There are solid substances and states of matter like the servants (people), stone jars, and substance like water, i.e. liquid states of matter, and the gaseous state of matter i.e. air, through which the supernatural touched the natural spheres. The miracle happened in and through time and space, a point to be noted. It is through this time and space and these likely spheres and substances, circumstances and situations that God speaks, performs His miracles in your life and mine and displays His Glory.

The Miracle of water changing to wine happened because:-

·        There was a real and felt need.

·        Jesus was present.

·        Jesus was introduced and involved in the situation.

·        There was Faith, Trust, Belief in Jesus and Total Obedience to Him.

·        God honoured His people who honoured His Name and presence.

·        God’s glory was revealed and His disciples put their faith in Him.

·        The Gates of Hell was defeated.

It is to be noted that wine does not come directly from water but indirectly through the natural design, created by Jesus himself at creation, wherein through a series of processes, comes the fruit called grapes and its juice…stored in wine-skins to produce wine. But in this text we find a drastic and contrasting process through which Jesus re-creates wine from ordinary water stored in ordinary stone jars/vessels and not wine-skins.

Wine under no condition and standards can be produced in and through mere water and stony vessels. I hope you are getting the point how small the problems of life actually are to such an awesome and big God we serve and how valuable we are to him that He should know you by name and number, the dirty or shampooed, groomed or messy, countless hair on your head. Wow!! that’s who you are and what you mean to Jesus. Remember while we were yet sinners He died for us…

If Jesus can change water into pure and qualitative wine, He can surely give you the breakthrough you need today. If Jesus can calm the raging storms, He can definitely calm your worries and still your fears.

If Jesus can raise the dead to life, He can instantly bring life to your diseased body cells, muscles and blood vessels. Is anything too hard for the Lord…? You have the answer in nature, The Bible and in your soul. If you can only whole heartedly ask God today, you will receive whole heartedly. If you seek Him with all your heart and mind, He will reveal the secrets of His wonders and unsearchable plans He has for you. If you knock on heaven’s doors now, God will open wide His gates and pour out His showers of blessings upon you. God’s plans to bless you and not to harm you …He plans to give you a hope and a future.

He doesn’t need you, but because of His love for you, He wants you and will use you for His purpose and plans … …just the way you are.

Be blessed.